Are you in need of expert advice regarding a property transaction that you are involved in?

Contact us for expert advice regarding the sale of your property. We can assist in the negotiation and drafting of a deed of sale between you and your purchaser and also assist in making sure that your interests are protected. Should you also then instruct us to attend to the registration of the transfer in the deeds office, such advice will be give free of charge. Remember that you, as the seller, have the right to choose the transferring attorney of your choice. In this way, you can ensure that you remain in control of the process and that your interests are protected until the transaction is finalised.

Are you purchasing a property? Contact us for guidance regarding the offer to purchase and the implications of the conditions contained therein before you sign it. We can also assist you with an estimate of the costs that you will have to pay in order for the transfer to be registered in the deeds office