Chris Fismer

Practising Consultant - BCOMM (Economic Sciences) BLC LLB (UP)

Fourie Fismer Incorporated Chris-Fismer

Mr Fismer is a founding member of the firm and since inception Mr Fismer has ful­filled the role of director with unwavering allegiance and distinction. As from 1 November 2017 he has taken on the role of a practising consultant in the firm. Accordingly, Mr Fismer is a most esteemed and acclaimed member of the legal profession and the broader community and has enjoyed the following ac­colades:

  • Mr Fismer was a member of Parliament for about ten years. During this tenure he served as a Deputy Minis­ter in the Office of the President. In 1994 he became a member of the first democratically elected Government of National Unity, led by President Nelson Mandela;
  • In 1994, Mr Fismer was appointed as Deputy Minister of Justice and subsequently in 1995 promoted to Minister for General Services;
  • During 1996 Mr Fismer served as the Minister for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development;
  • During his tenure as Cabinet Minister, Mr Fismer was appointed to oversee the formu­lation of a new policy regarding gambling and lotteries. He ushered a new Gambling Act through Parliament and assisted in finalising the Lotteries Act;
  • After formation of the National Gambling Board in 1998, Mr Fismer was appointed Chairperson and subsequently re-elected to this position until his departure in December 2009;
  • Mr Fismer has held the esteemed position of Chairperson of the International Association of Gambling Regulators and is furthermore an invited member of the International Masters of Gambling Law;
  • Since its inception, Mr Fismer has served as the Deputy Chairperson of the Trust controlling the National Responsible Gambling Programme.

He was admitted as an attorney on 20 October 1987. Prior to that he was also a practis­ing advocate at the Pretoria Society of Advocates. He has vast experience in inter alia the following fields of law:

  • High Court litigation
  • Magistrates’ Court litigation
  • Personal injury law
  • Commercial and finance law
  • Insurance law
  • Constitutional law
  • Law relating to Pension Funds
  • Gambling law