The Benchmark in Legal Services

Professional Staff

  • The firm has fourteen qualified attorneys, well represented both of gender and race.
  • The professional staff has the benefit of the assistance of five candidate attorneys, all of who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Apart from seeing the training of candidate attorneys as an opportunity to contribute to high level exposure and experience, we only accept candidate attorneys that rank as the best amongst their peers. We have over the years successfully trained numerous candidate attorneys, including a significant number of candidate attorneys from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.
Fourie Fismer Incorporated CP-Fourie

CP Fourie

Managing Director
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Dawie-Bekker

Dawie Bekker

Fourie Fismer Incorporated Louis-Fourie

Louis Fourie

Fourie Fismer Incorporated Chris-Fismer

Chris Fismer

Practising Consultant
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Michelle-Beatson

Michelle Beatson

Senior Associate
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Lizandi-Woest

Lizandi Woest

Fourie Fismer Incorporated Latoya-Jansen

Latoya Jansen

Junior Associate
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Keith-Wakeford

Keith Wakeford

Junior Associate
Fourie Fismer Incorporated John-Roxburgh

John Roxburgh

Junior Associate
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Poli-Kgosana

Poli Kgosana

Candidate Attorney
Fourie Fismer Incorporated Alex-Skhakhane

Alex Skhakhane

Candidate Attorney

Support Staff

  • Our dedicated support staff (financial manager, office manager, secretaries, administrative assistants, drivers, etc.) is a selective group with many years of experience in their respective fields.
  • Our support staff shares the commitment, vision and philosophy of the firm and are well represented, both from a racial and gender perspective. Due to the growing demand and in an endeavour to render an even more effective service to our clients, the number of supporting staff have over the years increased dramatically.