• Magistrates’ court litigation
    We can assist in all kinds of legal proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court. For example, Debt Collection, Default Judgments & Warrants of Execution.


  • High court litigation
    Our team of litigators are well equipped to provide clients with realistic and cost-effective solutions and advice in all kinds of different disputes or problems that may arise. They can also assist in all kinds of legal proceedings in the High Court.


  • Family law
    Our team of experts can assist in dealing with various issues such as divorce, maintenance, custody, access and domestic violence.


  • Personal injury law
    Claims for any personal injuries sustained due to the negligence of others, such as damages for injuries sustained by, inter alia, dog bites, falling or slipping in public areas. All claims relating to damages to motor vehicles resulting from accidents. With regards to personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, we appear on behalf of the Road Accident Fund and can therefore not accept instructions against the Road Accident Fund.


  • Medical negligence
    Should you be the unfortunate victim of medical negligence, we are well-experienced in damages claims resulting therefrom.


  • Constitutional and Administrative law
    Legal advice and claims resulting from any action or inaction by any organ of government and advice and claims or any aspect relating to the protection provided for in the Constitution with regards to human rights.


  • Insurance law
    Our team of experts have fast experience as a result of acting for insurance companies and enforcing compliance with insurance policies on behalf of individual clients.


  • Criminal law
    We are able to defend clients in criminal prosecutions.