The Law of Perfection


The firm bases its existence on being:

  • A boutique of focussed expertise to the advantage of our clients;
  • A constructive, enthusiastic and objective participant in a South Africa under constitutional and democratic rule;
  • Associated with the constitutional and human rights of all, as well as the well-being of all our citizens, but more than any, with those of our clients.


Emanating from its vision, the firm is guided by the following principles:

  • To be based on best practice methods and modern approaches;
  • To focus on our unquestionable experience and expertise;
  • To realise that we live in a world and country under transformation and to be on the forefront of constructive involvement to the benefit of our country and our clients;
  • To recognise the right of our clients to be represented in an effective and trustworthy manner and well aware of the important role to be played by attorneys to ensure continuing and ever improving effective administration of justice and upholding the judicial system’s high standards and ideals;
  • To strive to be a truly South African firm with the best talent on offer and to be an enthusiastic participant in our new democracy.
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Our Law Chambers

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